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Acts 17 v 11

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About this Web site, operation & style

I have been fascinated by Scripture, Nature & History since childhood, of the research material presented here some began forty+ years ago in my mid teens.  

Because the Web site in practice functions as ‘one mans work’, please note the following:

1. The whole operation is limited to whatever I can do in terms of my time and resources, when either runs out the site will probably end.  What I receive free I give free.

2. You do not have to join or sign up, the material is just being made available, to all.  I have no intention of creating any form of group.

3. E-mail responses may be delayed there is no office with staff -just me, please be patient.

4. If I have something I will commit to publication and edit and update online till complete, such articles will have in process at the top, often also dated.  This means the latest articles may have imperfections to be corrected, but also that my readers are almost as up to date as/with me.

  Therefore the site publishes in a partial journal style, I too am learning as I go, you may find article ending I would have modified if I had known what I would learn later!

5. This is me offering my [James 1 v 5] to your [Acts 17 v 11]

This site is not backed by any religious group [some may copy portions if they wish] and so it will never contain articles on every doctrine or subject, nor do I expect my readers to adopt an accept all approach.  Accept only what you agree with.

There is so far:

Things seen or learnt by human endeavour that show;  the seen must be a Creation.

The reason for the seemingly strange; “two-Creation accounts” in Genesis.

Calculation of the 666, this is a math how to method.

Moral “Virgin Birth” how explained.

Ships of Kittim a correct time stamp for Kings of N/S studies.

Still working in the later part of Daniel –watch this space.

If you wish to download the whole  web site, you may.

Your Brother,

A fellow sharer in the burdens and short comings of human kind, with hope in the promises of God.

 My name is omitted as not being directly important  Revelation 19 v 10, however no person is anonymous on the www; [ask any webmaster].  Please if you have faith in God do not even try to view His words through the lens of me, this lens shares similar flaws to you..


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Web site now produced using:  WebPlus X7 by Serif. - I tend to keep up with new versions   (a copy of the working file is backed to the hosting server, with the website).

All my web sites are hosted by 1and1 co UK   .

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These methods are generally used but may vary in detail among computer operating systems, I am happy for you to copy from this website. If you are new to this it may seem complicated, but only a little practice is required and then you do it without even thinking.

Just Print;

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Hold left mouse button and ‘drag’ to the end of your chosen text, if your text is below the bottom of the screen jiggle/circle the mouse near the bottom and the text should scroll up.

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Note where you save the page, and the name offered or you can change the name.

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You do not require an Internet connection for the next steps.

File  >Open File; look in the directory where you saved the page, when you find your file select  it.

Open the file. [You can bookmark/favourite mark the page]

You now have a copy of the page on your computer which you can view anytime without being connected to the Internet, though navigation to other pages will require the Internet.  IF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION CHARGES ARE BY TIME THIS METHOD CAN SAVE YOU MONEY.

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For those who love to think

about God’s Scriptures.


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